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12 Habits for a Happy, Healthy and Productive 2022

In this article, you will find a few new habit ideas that may help you stay happy, healthy, and productive this year.

Seeing the new year as a blank page, as an opportunity to start fresh, can help us feel excited and determined to achieve more. It may even give us that little push we need to complete what we couldn’t in 2021.

So, why not leveraging that motivation?

I don’t know about you, but I think there’s no better moment than the first few days of the year to create a personal growth plan and decide which habits we want to build — and which ones we should give up.

What follows are a few new habit ideas that may help you have a happy, healthy, and productive 2022 .

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter

I know, there’s no need to repeat it three times, but here’s the thing: decluttering is one of the healthiest habits you can build, especially if you do it on a consistent basis — once every two weeks is a perfect frequency, even once a month works well for many people.

2. Drink rooibos tea

Consuming rooibos tea is not only a great way to drink more water, but it also has several benefits for your health. According to an article published in Healthline, rooibos tea is high in antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage by free radicals. Also, drinking it regularly may boost heart health, and may even reduce cancer risk.

3. Contact a good friend you haven’t talked to in a while

Life can get busy. And it’s completely normal. Unfortunately, the side effect of this is we often forget to maintain contact with friends we care about. And that’s how many friendships weaken over time.

Texting a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, at least once a month, can help you stay in touch with people you care about, and avoid lose contact with them.

4. Give up blaming other people

This point is important, not just for your happiness, but also for your mental health. When you stop blaming other people — or external circumstances — for whatever happens in your life, you automatically start to focus on what you could have done better, and what you can do.

Once you adopt this mindset, you also start gaining more control over your life.

5. Take real breaks

When I say “take a break” I mean a real break. When you need to take a break, don’t remain stuck on a chair, in front of your computer. Get up, change room, or spend a few minutes outdoors.

Try to do it frequently — like once every 25 or 30 minutes, if you can. That’s how you truly unplug and recharge — and stay productive throughout the day.

6. Laugh at yourself

Do you know what tells you a lot about someone? Their sense of humor and their ability to laugh at themselves.

See, there are people who take themselves too seriously, and easily get upset for basically anything — and you have to be careful to what you say any time you’re in their company — and people who spill their drink and laugh at themselves. Make sure you belong to the second category.

7. Plan your tasks for the next day

This is a habit I tried recently for my articles, and I love it. For example, something I often do before going to bed, is planning the structure of my next piece — intro, main points, sources. It only takes five to ten minutes.

It’s incredible how a simple habit like that can help you focus on your tasks, and improve your productivity the next day.

8. Hire a coach

Even only five sessions with a coach can change your life — if you hire a good one. There are coaches for virtually everything (entrepreneurship, relationships, wealth, productivity, career). So, make sure to identify your main goals and from there choose a specialized coach.

Tip: this may sound obvious — but believe me, it isn’t — make sure to choose someone who has already achieved what you want and has gone through the same challenges you’re facing right now.

9. If you can, eliminate debt

If you can, eliminate debt. If you can’t, try to at least reduce it, and make eliminating debt a priority.

10. Start building an emergency fund

In 2020 we saw that anything can happen. For example, we saw how easy it is to lose a job. Some people didn’t just lose their job, they lost everything. And you can’t live worrying about what might happen in the future. This is why having an emergency fund that covers your expenses for at least five or six months should be your next goal.

11. Use a standing desk

I can’t stress enough the importance of using a standing desk. It isn’t just a new trend, it’s the antidote to our sedentary lifestyle.

According to an article published in Healthline, people who sit for too long every day have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death.

Using a standing desk means reducing the time you spend on a chair, and this is why it can be significantly beneficial for your health. According to the above-mentioned article, using a standing desk may reduce obesity risk, may lower blood sugar levels, helps reduce back pain, and it also helps increase productivity.

12. Remember to stay humble

We live in a world full of people who, as soon as they achieve a little more of what they’re used to (power, popularity, or wealth), start to feel superior to virtually anyone else. They start feeling entitled.

Be the exception. Keep your feet on the ground and stay humble.

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